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About Paradies Safaris

Paradies Safaris was founded in 1989 by Hildegard Keil, a biologist. At that time she had finished her research in Tanzania for her PhD in entomology and decided to stay in Arusha, Tanzania, and start a Safari company for German and English speaking tourists.

Unlike today, only a few tour travel companies existed in Tanzania at that time. Most of them were state-owned and it was difficult to get in contact with local tour operators. Hilde’s idea was to directly offer Tanzanian visitors a Safari that was optimally tailored to the individual traveller, be it a camping safari, a lodge safari or a mixture of both. Today, Hildegard’s company has been in existence for more than 30 years and with the help of customer feedback we have been able to continuously improve our service over this extended period. Paradies Safaris currently employs 50+ people.

Our philosophy is to offer our guests an unforgettable time in Tanzania and to introduce them not only to the flora and fauna, but also to the country and its people. In this context we would like to emphasize the good teamwork of our employees, who are committed and truly do their work with great pleasure, thus enabling you to have an unforgettable time on Safari.

Reviews, customer testimonials and opinions about Paradise Safaris can be found on the rating portals of Tripadvisor, safari-operators.info and Holidaycheck (german only). This is what you can expect when you choose to go on Safari with us:

Flexibility and Choice

  • wide selection

    Active holidays with Kilimanjaro climb and national park hikes | Spectacular nature experiences such as the great animal hikes in the Serengeti | Relaxing beach holidays on the spice island Zanzibar | Unique encounters with the hunters and gatherers of the Hadzabe Bushmen | Group and private safaris | Luxury and camping | and so much more

  • Expert Advice

    We support you in the planning phase of your tailor-made Safari tour. Our experienced and English speaking consultants know many lodges and accommodation facilities personally, with the help of customer feedback and regular visits we select the best for you; family friendly beach resorts in Zanzibar, luxurious intimate lodges for honeymooners, campsites surrounded by wildlife for adventurers, small “Out of Africa” boutique hotels with colonial style.

  • Booking Benefits

    Thanks to a well-planned itinerary, you avoid unnecessary stops and detours, which do not contribute to your holiday pleasure but only increase costs. Due to our capacities and long business relations with hotels and lodges we have been able to negotiate special prices for our company. We pass these price advantages on to our guests in the form of competitive Safari offers. Secure payment to a German bank account is possible.

Excellent Guides

  • Experience

    Our safari guides were all personally selected by company founder Hilde. In contrast to many other tour companies, our guides have been permanently employed for years (sometimes even decades) and work only for Paradise Safaris. Our employees are paid very fairly and above average.

  • Knowledge

    All of our licensed safari drivers and Kilimanjaro mountain guides have an excellent knowledge of the local flora and fauna and will take you safely to your destination. All guides are locals from Tanzania and speak English as well as Kiswahili and sometimes additional languages.

  • Game Drives

    With the help of the radios installed in all our Safari vehicles, our guides can coordinate with other colleagues in the parks. So the drivers know where the wildebeest are giving birth to their calves or where the lions are looking for their dinner and you will enjoy very impressive game drives.

Responsible Tourism

  • 100% Tanzanian Company

    Paradise Safaris is a purely Tanzanian company. We do not have an expensive marketing department or travel agents in other countries, your booking fee will benefit the local economy entirely.

  • Staff

    Paradise Safaris is a true family business. What do we mean by that? Our 52+ employees are properly paid and treated with respect. If, for example, the salary at the end of the month is not enough for one of our colleagues to settle the children’s school fees, the company helps out. Since every employee is responsible for his or her large family at home, with your booking you are helping about 500 people to live with dignity.

  • Sustainability

    If possible, we buy most of our food and equipment from local farmers, pastoralists and companies. We do not use disposable cutlery or polystyrene lunch boxes and avoid the use of plastic.

Affordable Camping Safaris

  • Generous Tents

    Our high quality tents are imported from Germany, have at enough headroom to stand upright and are very spacious, so you can change comfortably in them. There are large, stable camping beds with aluminium frames with thick foam mattresses on top. Bedding with African patterned cotton cover, pillows and a warm quilt create a cosy atmosphere.

  • Ideal Camping Sites

    Our tours and Safaris lead you to the most beautiful and well maintained campsites in Tanzania. The Simba Camp, for example, is located directly on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater and is loved by our guests especially because of the beautiful view of the Ngorongoro Caldera.

  • Cuisine

    During the game drive your cook will set up the tents and prepare a hearty dinner. Before the start of the Safari you can discuss your preferences with us or your Safari cooks. Despite the primitive campsite kitchen facilities, our congenial chefs will surprise you!

4×4 Safari Trucks

  • Game Drives

    All game drives are carried out in specially converted safari four-wheel drive vehicles (Landrover Defender or Long-Chassis Toyota Landcruiser) and are only limited by the official park opening hours.

  • Comfort

    For the best view, our 4×4 cars offer massive raising roofs and large windows. Depending on the type used, these off-road specialists offer up to 7 comfortable individual seats.

  • Safety

    All our Safari vehicles are equipped with two spare tyres, heavy duty jacks, radio and air snorkel and are exclusively serviced in our own workshop – however, breakdowns can never be ruled out due to the sometimes extreme road conditions in Tanzania. We always have replacement vehicles ready on standby.

Registered Member

Tanzania Tourist Board

2020 Travellers' Choice Award Tripadvisor
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