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Our Safaris

Paradies Safaris with our 25 years of experience our registered members of the Tourism Association of Tanzania (TATO) and the Kilimanjaro Climbing Association.

Our head office is in Arusha, northern Tanzania meaning we are in a perfect location for organising your northern Tanzania safari.

Our Safaris


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We offer camping on many of our safaris as it often allows guests to stay in otherwise full or expensive areas. Our double tents are quite roomy, a far cry from the tents we used to use as youngsters.

You are able to stand in all our tents, so once you are inside, you have no problem changing clothes and there is even space to put your entire luggage in. The sleeping section of the tent is made of mosquito gauze, to protect you from mosquitoes and other crawling creatures. There is a camp bed inside the tent with a sponge mattress on top and we’ll give you a blanket to keep you warm at night. If you prefer a sleeping bag, we do rent for a small fee (because of the complicated washing process). In the camps we will provide you with a camping table and camping chairs, so it really is a comfortable way of enjoying the peace and serenity of the African bush.

All aspects of your safari are taken care of and that’s why one of our safari cooks is accompanying your group, on the camping days he will cook you three filling meals: there is a nice English breakfast, a hot lunch or a lunch box (this depends if you are on a game drive for a full day or if you would like to come back to the camp for your hot lunch). Then there is a delicious warm dinner with soup of the day, main dish and some fruits, pudding or fruit salad as a dessert. The cook does not accompany you on your game drive; instead staying back at the campsite. His job of course is cooking, but he is also security for your luggage and all the camping equipment. This means you don’t have to worry about anything during your game-drive; you just relax, feel free and comfortable.

My Most Special Place In Tanzania – David, Paradies Safari Consultant – Simba Camp right on the rim of Ngorongoro Crater, you are woken with the first morning rays and you look down into the magic caldera and witness the most beautiful African sunrise you have ever seen: pink clouds in the sky; the soda lake down in the crater is shimmering golden in the early morning light and the sounds of waking wildlife are all around you. Truly amazing

“Our Camping Safari”
Nothing quite beats that feeling of sleeping under canvas with the knowledge the wildlife is around you.

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    Isaac our guide, was always on hand to show us his expertise and we were well taken care of with his charming, polite and friendly manner. Also the organization was really good, always in time, and chef Markus enchanted us with his food.  the wonderful food, cooked from Markus. For sure I will recommend this agency to others and I am already thinking about my next safari with Paradies Safaris. PARADIES SAFARIES.
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