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Why Book With Us

2404607215_a8a6ee1bed_bWe find that many people assume that it’s cheaper to book direct with hotels or lodges however we are confident that you will save yourself lots of money, time and stress if you use the services of an experienced tour operator.

All our prices are based on the same as the rate paid by those who book direct … or even less! How can we do this? We negotiate special rates with the hotels given our volume of business so we make our money on the difference between the public or “rack” rates and our special rates. The hotels also sometimes offer us special long stay rates that aren’t always available on their websites.

But YOU gain so much more…

No availability or booking hassl

  • 25 years Tanzanian experience
  • Expert advice and someone to discuss your safari plans
  • Assistance with itinerary planning
  • The protection of our organization membership.
  • Detailed documentation with ideas of thing to do and see where you are staying, restaurants, shopping, directions etc.

How else can you save money if you use a tour operator? We know…

  • How to plan an itinerary to avoid unnecessary stopovers which don’t add to your holiday enjoyment but do add to the cost…
  • Which safari camps have negotiated circuit rates so that you pay less per night if you stay at 2 or more different camps…
  • When a low season rate is a bargain and when it means you really don’t want to travel at that time!
  • Which hotels offers long stay rates…

Here are some further ways for you to save money…

  • Review our Specials on a regular basis. This is our summary of the best value accommodation and tours at the moment usually on our Facebook page
  • Look at our Fixed Departure Tours; these shared tours offer a great way for a budget safari
  • Give us a target budget. Some of our clients are concerned that such a budget will be used as a starting point! However, in our experience, giving an accurate budget results in saving money as we search around for the best deals to keep within your budget, we plan the most cost-effective routing and we also advise you on which comparatively expensive hotels are worth every penny and which ones can be substituted if necessary. It also ensures that we don’t waste your time recommending inappropriate places….
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    through Tarangire and Ngorongoro Nationalpark. We appreciated all the effort from Hildegard, the owner of the company, included our personal wishes and all in really fair prices. The driver Michael was a really very experienced guide; he was very friendly and a really good conversationalist with very good English. In addition, he was a very safe and prudent driver. We have seen a lot of animals up close and were overwhelmed by the beautiful nature. We would not hesitate to book again with Paradi…
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