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Arusha National Park


Arusha National Park; this game reserve, although one of Tanzania’s smallest parks, is one of its most beautiful and topographically varied, with Mount Meru, Ngurdoto Crater and the flamingo swathed Momella Lakes within its boundaries. This often-overlooked park is a perfect introduction to your Tanzanian safari experience. Gaze at the 15,000 foot (4,565m) mighty extinct volcano, Mount Meru with its craggy peak; it is almost as high as Europe’s tallest mountain, the 4,807m high Mont Blanc.

We love to include Arusha National Park as we are able to offer walking safaris in the foothills of Mt Meru for all budgets.

To get as close to nature as possible, a walking safari is not to be missed. Escape the modern world completely and immerse yourself in pure wilderness and get a taste of safari and adventure the way it used to be done “old style”.

A truly educational experience and a sensory overload awaits you as you carefully trek through the bush and get a sense of how our ancestors used to get about, a feeling very few people in this day and age can achieve. On your hike you are accompanied by an armed ranger, just in case you meet an elephant, buffalo or even a leopard.

we loved Arusha National Park and staying at Momella Wildlife Lodge, with Elephants outside our window it felt like some old world paradise!

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