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Marangu Village Kilimanjaro Cultural Tour

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he picturesque village of Marangu at the foot of Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro offers fascinating insights into everyday village life and into the local culture of the Chaga tribe, who once withstood vicious Masai raids through the ingenious use of tunnels. These attacks especially took place during prolonged periods of droughts, when the Masai people were unable to feed their cattle and looked to the evergreen elevated slopes of the Kilimanjaro area.

This Cultural Tour on the slopes of Kilimanjaro includes a visit to these Chaga tunnels, a hike to a beautiful waterfall, a visit to a local coffee plantation and the opportunity to taste the nutritious banana beer popular with the locals.

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Marangu Village Kilimanjaro Culture Tour

You leave your Arusha Hotel early in the morning or respectively shortly after breakfast from your Moshi / Kilimanjaro Hotel. The small town / village of Marangu is a two-hour drive from Arusha. The exact sequence of activities on your tour may vary, but all our Marangu Village tours normally include the following experiences:

  • Kilasya Falls: The way to these picturesque waterfalls is a leisurely hike through local banana plantations and small clusters of shambas (farms). You will ssee many avocado and mango trees in this area. After a short and steep descent into a small valley you will cross the river with stepping stones. As a reward you will experience a waterfall with wonderfully cool and clear kilimanjaro mountain water at the end. For the adventurous there is the opportunity to take a short swim.
  • Educational tour of a coffee plantation: Visit the local coffee plantation to learn more about the process of how the beans from the bush get into our cups. Try grinding and roasting beans by hand and reward your hard work with a delicious, fresh coffee. An elderly villager named Baba Kahawa (Grandpa Coffee) will guide you from the coffee bean harvest to the finished drink and entertain you with some interesting anecdotes.
  • Chaga Tunnel Tour: You will venture into the deep black darkness of the tunnels where the Chaga tribe sought refuge when the Masai attacked from the lowlands during very dry season. Your guide will lead you unerringly through the underground labyrinth as he describes the days of guerrilla warfare and how the people survived so long underground.
  • Banana Beer Tasting: Visit a small village bar to sample this nutritious local brew.

Your day tour includes either a picnic or lunch at a local restaurant. You return to your accommodation in the late afternoon (Moshi) or early evening (Arusha). You are welcome to combine this tour with a day hike in the famous Kilimanjaro National Park. Often this Marungu Cultural Tour is also booked by mountain enthusiasts as an introduction before climbing Kilimanjaro.