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Mikumi National Park


Established in 1964, the Mikumi National Park near Morogoro is the fourth largest park in Tanzania covering an area of 3230 sq km. The Mikumi National Park forms a unique ecosystem with the surrounding areas which also includes the Selous game reserve which lies to the south of the park and the Udzungwa Mountains that form the base of the Udzungwa national park that lies to the south-west of Mikumi. Together these places form an ecosystem that is beautiful and quite distinct from the other more famous game reserves of the north of Tanzania. The southern circuit of the Tanzania safari is quite discreet and therefore has fewer visitors as compared to the safaris of the north.

Mikumi not only lives up but also enhances the reputation of Tanzania as the hot spot for a good adventure safari in Africa. Being at a distance of 283 km from Dar es Salaam, it is the most easily accessible park of the southern region.

To make the vacation memorable and comfortable there are accommodations available at 3 camp sites and include tented accommodations as well as luxury lodges. The north of the park is made up of flood plains and is very different from the southern part. The flood plains are black cotton soil that transforms into sticky mud once the rains fall; therefore it becomes very difficult to access this region during the rainy season. The southern part is largely a flat savannah with dispersed timbers and vegetations of acacia, tamarinds and some palms which are said to be rare.

The safaris in Mikumi make for a fantastic viewing of some of the animals Africa is famous for. One can find elephants, impalas, zebras, antelopes, wildebeest, lions, elands, buffaloes, giraffes and hippos. Some of the endangered species of animals like the wild dogs are also found p here. Apart from these, some of the animals found here have distinct features like the giraffes, which according to biologists is a cross between the Masai and Somali Giraffes.

Apart from animals, the park also has over 400 species of birds that inhabit the area, most of which are migratory from the Eurasia region. The majority of them are visible during the wet season. Some of the more visible species are the hammerkops, red bishops, egrets, lilac breasted rollers and the Abyssinian rollers, horn bills and the marabou storks. They undoubtedly add to the colour of the vast fauna of the Mikumi national park.

During the daylong safari trips, lions can be easily spotted lazing around in the shades of acacia. The sight of these animals is quite majestic and is very thrilling especially for the nature lovers and wild life enthusiasts. Although the park and the animals are accessible throughout the year but still the best time to enjoy a holiday amongst these wild beasts would be from May- November.

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    Hello, in September 2013, we travelled on a 5 day safari with Paradies Safari. It was just great and perfect. Our expectations were really surpassed. With Ally (cook) and Radjabu (driver) we had 2 super guides. Ally knew everything about the animals and he also always made great food. The Orga was actually perfect but a bit ‘Africa’ influence was still great! We would book it that way again and we would insist that we get Ally as a cook and Rajabu as a driver. In the end I can tell you Hilde, he…
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