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Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area


In reaching the Ngorongoro crater rim, you’ll catch the first glimpse of the crater floor, one of the most famous wildlife sanctuaries; that is often described as the eighth wonder of the world. This huge bowl is the world’s largest unbroken, un-flooded, volcanic caldera – formed by a giant volcano exploding and collapsing onto itself around 2-3 million years ago. It covers an area of about 250sq.km, is about 20km across and the depth from the crater floor to the rim averages around about 610m on average. It is considered ‘a natural enclosure’ for a wide range of wildlife; due to the steep sides the animals do not migrate and leave the crater – meaning it’s an amazing place to see African wildlife all year round.

The crater is an extraordinary place, almost like an interactive zoo. Most of the animals never leave it and have no fear of humans so it is possible to have very special and up close sightings.

It will not be long until we spotted our first lions (well Juma the driver /guide did), they were just lying next to the road, almost posing for great pictures. They completely ignored us although we were only a few meters away; they are used to safari vehicles.

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    Isaac our guide, was always on hand to show us his expertise and we were well taken care of with his charming, polite and friendly manner. Also the organization was really good, always in time, and chef Markus enchanted us with his food.  the wonderful food, cooked from Markus. For sure I will recommend this agency to others and I am already thinking about my next safari with Paradies Safaris. PARADIES SAFARIES.
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