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Tarangire National Park


Tarangire National park: lies at about 1,100 m above sea level. It is a country of expansive views, in which wide panoramas of wooded savannah stretch in every direction. Its name is derived from the Tarangire River which flows through the park throughout the year. This river is more or less a small stream; its source is in the southern mountains of the park; from there it is winding its way all through the game reserve. In the north it makes a big curve to the west and runs into Lake Burungi.

During a really dry season even the Tarangire River can sink down into the sand and disappear. But it will appear again farther downstream. Even in the driest of years this river does not disappear completely, and it is the Tarangire River that provides the only permanent water for animals in the Maasai-Steppe. At these dry seasons lots of animals gather in large numbers along the river as it is their only water source.

Tarangire National Park is famous for it’s large elephant herds and massive baobab trees.

Literally the moment we entered the park we started having encounters with elephants – very close and very many. The first herd we saw we lost count at over 60 individuals….Amazing experience

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    Isaac our guide, was always on hand to show us his expertise and we were well taken care of with his charming, polite and friendly manner. Also the organization was really good, always in time, and chef Markus enchanted us with his food.  the wonderful food, cooked from Markus. For sure I will recommend this agency to others and I am already thinking about my next safari with Paradies Safaris. PARADIES SAFARIES.
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