About us

About us

With over 30 years experience Paradies Safaris is one of the most experienced Tanzania Safari company.

Paradies Tanzania Safaris was founded in 1990 by the biologist, Hildegard Keil. Hildegard was at the time completing her research for the doctorate in entomology and on completion remained in Arusha and started a tour company dedicated to the newly emerging German market. Hilde wanted to bring the taste of aTanzanian safari, Kilimanjaro Climb and Zanzibar holiday to nature lovers like her.

In the beginning of the business, things were very different, in contrast to the hundreds of companies that exist today in Tanzania, there were only a few tour operators offering Tanzanian Safaris, most of who were government owned. Making reservations and bookings were hard without reliable phone lines and internet. Now we pride ourselves on having some of the best internet available allowing us always to be contactable. We will soon also be allowing Visa card payments.

Our main ethos for the company then & now was to offer safaris that were professionally tailored to guests by people who had actually visited the areas.

These safaris could be a camping safari, a lodge safari or a mixture of both, with the company’s 25 year experience in dealing with Tanzania safaris and by the constant customer feedback we receive we constantly improve.

Our philosophy at Paradies Safaris is to offer our guests an unforgettable experience in Tanzania and to focus not only on the animal and plant world, but also on the country and its people.

Welcome to Paradies Safari, me and my safari team are here to help. Get in contact and I will give you a call back to discuss your safari in more detail.

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